the tower and the sun

Jul 18, 2015

by nebeto

Category: Skyscapes

The sun is setting right behind Snejanka television tower. The tower is 10 km away from the camera and the sun - 150 billion km. Two small sunspots are also visible right from the tower: AR2386 (upper) and AR2384 (lower).

Rights or Wrongs?

Jun 28, 2015

by nebeto

Category: Micro

It is hard to say whether these tiny particles, just fraction of millimeter in size, are native to our planet or extraterrestrial. However, one is clear: they are round, they are metallic, and yes - they are ubiquitous. According to different sources, between 2 and 200 tons of stardust silently fall to the ground every day. Let's do some calculations. If the typical micrometeorite is 500 μm in diameter, and if it is mostly composed out of iron (Fe) and nickel (Ni), then about 1012 (a thousand billion or 1 000 000 000 000) such particles should suffice to make 50 tons of cosmic stuff. Divide this number by the entire surface area of the Earth and you get 0.7 particles per square meter per year.
Of course, not all magnetic microscopic stuff found under your feet originates from space. These tiny spherules may be formed on Earth - volcanoes, lightnings and even organic processes may well be involved into their production, as well as some human activities, such as flicking of a lighter or the use of a grinding wheel. However, their ubiquity indicates a more global origin.
So, meteorites or meteorwrongs, these metal specks of dust are easy to be discovered by everyone, armed with just a magnet and a little patience.

elder pollen

Jun 14, 2015

by nebeto

Category: Environment

Pollen grains of elder.

clumped DNA strands

Jun 07, 2015

by nebeto

Category: Micro

Using simple yet effective protocol enables to see the invisible - DNA molecules from smashed strawberies form tiny filaments that are easily observable with a cheap optical microscope. These strands are not the DNA molecules themselves, but rather thousands of molecules clumped together to form the structure you see in the images below.


Mar 20, 2015

by nebeto

Category: Celestial Events

Clouds served as neutral filter for this photography of the eclipse.

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